The quick way to watch the private videos on Youtube | 2020


Whenever we need any kind of information, we pefer more to watch the video Tutorials except reading a boring content.

Exactly YouTube is here for it.  But most of the videos that we need are kept private by youtubers. Even if you need to watch private videos on YouTube then here we will talk about.

One of the main point that comes in our mind is:

Why videos are kept private in youtube?

If we go deeply, there may be two reasons behind it that why a YouTuber hide its videos?.

1. Privacy Issue

One if the common reason may be the its privacy issue. Creating a quality Video on YouTube is not an easy task that a YouTuber does. But a lot of people are there in youtube as a youtuber who does only copy paste.

They ranks those copied videos at higher rank than the owner itself. It's only harms the owner.
How a YouTuber can allow another to copy his own quality contents without any credit?

This may be the one of the issue.

2. Paid videos/ Courses

Another is Paid Course. These are many paid course of different specific field or categories. Most youtube provide paid course. Here you have to pay some Money in exchange of watching there videos.

A video created by a YouTuber is his own. He has fill rights to do whatever he want to do with his videos.

Now, you have got those reasons why videos are privated on YouTube?

So, if we talk about private videos, these are two similar topic related with it. One is privacy another is Unlisted videos. Mostly people get confuse between them. Let me solve your doubt.

Different between Privacy and Unlisted Videos on YouTube

Unlisted Videos.

In YouTube videos are Unlisted when you don't want to allow others to watch your videos until you share it to others.

It means, others will able to get your video when you will share its link with them. After getting your video link of YouTube that is Unlisted, anyone can watch your videos as well as he can get the video by putting link on search engines.

On the another hand, private videos are little different.

Privacy Videos

I don't think we need to define it much. You already know about it. Privacy it what in which you can't get access to videos without the owner permissions.

It means you can't find those videos that are set as private weather you search on YouTube as well as search engines due to its privacy issue.

The main difference between private and Privacy video is that even if the owner Share his video link that is privated through mail, you can watch it at mail Only. Even you can watch these video anywhere else except the medium where you got the link.

Now, I think you are not identified with normal factors that you need to know about privacy and Unlisted Videos.

Now let me tell you, how you can access these private videos to make them ready to watch.

How to find/view any private videos on YouTube?

How to watch private videos on YouTube?

Here is that what you need to do.

Step 1. Ask you friend or the YouTuber to share link of private video with you through email.

Step 2. Check there you would got a mail from YouTube. Check out that.

Step 3. There will be link of video where you can watch video freely.

(Note: if you face any issue while playing video, make sure to signin in youtube with your Google account.)

Can we watch someone's private videos in YouTube?

Actually, you can't. Even YouTube is an well know search engine. It never ignores a single term belonging to its security and privacy issues.

But even, I have a trick that may help you a little bit. Using this trick at least you can get some thumbnails of any privay video.

Only you need to have the link of that private video. For example the link is "" in my case. Here you only need to copy the text cVAJiSYGvB.

Now replace the copied text in any of the below links:


What can you get here?
Here after replacing the text in above 4 links. You can easily see the 4 thumbnails of any private video. The starting, last and middle images you can get here, since YouTube doesn't keep thumbnails private.

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