10+ Proved Ways To Make Your Android's Phone Battery More Durable (2019 Updated)


Is your Android phone is draining a lot of battery and you are searching for a solution for it. You don't need to worry now, In this article In going to show you those important pro tricks that will save your battery Usage.

Battery Saving Tips

Battery draining is a common issue for almost 90% of Android users. No matters whether you are using an expensive mobile or a cheaper one, if your battery has not cared properly, you will lose your Android battery life.

Even, there was a time when I was too worried about my battery life. I had used many Android applications with a thought that it will increase my battery life. But Actually, these apps drains a lot of battery themselves. They gave me negative results.

Then, I had researched some most important factors that Better results when I implemented them. Accordingly, in this post, I'll inform you about those most important key factors that can easily solve your problems related to boosting your battery life.

Here I'm going to Taking about,

1. 10 Amazing Batter saving Tips.

  • Use of Dark Wallpapers.
  • Disable Auto-Brightness.
  • Use of lite mode of daily basis apps.
  • Try to Use WI-FI as possible then mobile data.
  • Your Android apps should be updated.
  • Keep Turn-off your Unnecessary apps.
  • Use Aeroplane Mode when You don't need disturbance.
  • Say no to live wallpapers.
  • Disable Notifications where you aren't interested.
  • Uninstall Unnecessary apps.

2. Two Apps That will solve your battery draining Issue.
  • Greenify.
  • PixOff.

1. Dark makes a lite effect.


Mostly Android users want to keep their Android lighty and colorful that tend to be more attractive. Whatever they see colorful, they add them as their wallpapers. But what you ever noticed, how do they affect your battery life?

It has been found that the light or colorful wallpapers you use in the Android phone drains much battery Usage then dark wallpapers. Definitely, you should use dark or grey type wallpapers not to allow them to consume your battery

First of all of you want to make your android battery last longer, you need to implement this one. According to me, The dark wallpapers look dashing. Had you tried ever?

2. Stop using adaptive/Auto-brightness


Adaptive brightness, you can also call it Auto-Brightness. Most of you used it on your Android phone. It makes it easy for you to control your brightness automatically. Using this feature, your brightness is increased and decreases according to the situation.

Wherever it gets more light or bright light from surroundings, it decreases the brightness and vice versa. You would be thinking about how this affects your battery life?

Guys, it does. In adaptive brightness, your mobile brightness is automatically increased or decrease continuously. Where it gets a bit more light it will decrease a bit more or vice versa. Since it is a continuous process, it uses your battery continuously to performs an action. That how it drains your battery.

A great solution to save your battery is to turn off the adaptive brightness feature. When you are at a light area or out home, increase your brightness manually and when you are at home, set it as low.

3. Use lite versions of apps


Is your mobile phone is full of space, having a lot of heavy apps?, Had you ever noticed, how they can affect your Android?

There are many apps like Facebook, Instagram, messenger etc that you use in your daily life. Start using their lite versions of those heavy apps. They take too much internal space as well as their batter usage is also high.

A lite version has almost all features of the same app in a lite way. There isn't any problem with using them.

Most of you will be a PUBG fan. I can think about the attraction of you with that. Like "the great power comes with great responsibilities" same as the great app comes with great size. No one is saying you to quit the game. Keep on continue. Even I will suggest you to go with the lite version of PUBG. That will help you to save your battery than a heavy mode.

4. Use of Wifi, more than mobile data.


In research, it was found that your mobile data consumes 40% more battery than a WiFi connection. To save your better life start using WiFi. For example, whenever you have any wifi connection, turn off your mobile data, turn on the Aeroplane mode and start using WiFi. It will give you a long belief as a result.

Now you would be thinking how will you use wifi if you don't have?
Listen to me, When it is necessary don't hesitate to use your cellular data but in case you have any wifi router or any of your friends or relative is using mobile in his/her mobile, say then to turn on wifi for yours. At least you will be able to save your better when you will need it.

5. Keep all of your apps updated

Are all of your Android app up-to-dated?
If it is not, Then you are doing a big mistake. The app developers of the apps are continuously busy to optimize their apps for better user experience. That's why they give us an update. These updates also include batter optimization also for applications.

6. Use Networks when necessary


Mostly you do what?
You share any file with your friends through Bluetooth and forgot to turn it off again after your work. Take another example, you left your wife or cellular networks ON when you don't need it, etc.

They are the common mistakes that you need to avail if you want to save your battery, otherwise keep all network, tools on whether you need it or not. It's your smartphone, nobody is going to force you to for it.

Use such features when needed. There tools like Bluetooth, GPS, Wifi, and your mobile battery Drains a lot of your battery.

7. Set your mobile at Aeroplane Mode.


When you are a meeting, you are a student or else and you don't want to let other's disturb you, dude just turn in Aeroplane mode in your wifi and take a long belief. Study matter a lot then a phone.

Surely you can apply it. When you are busy in any with and are not using your mobile phone, you can directly put it into Aeroplane mode.

It disables your mobile networks which means you won't get any call nor any other messages. Just it will like your mobile it shut down but in actuality, it is not. Now you can think when your mobile networks are consuming 40-50% of your mobile data and when if it is off, how helpful will it be for your mobile?

Now, these were a few common tips that I think most of you already know about it. Let's move forward and let me tell you those pro tips that will be must excited so keep reading on ☺️.

8. Stop using live wallpapers and widgets.

Are you using the live wallpapers on your Android? Android provides you with a lot of customization options that you can totally change the look of your Android.

 For example, you choose your wallpapers as the brightening starts, the moving fish, or the happy sound in your smartphone. It's coming among all, everyone wants to give their smartphones a better look than others.

These live Wallpapers continuously keep on consuming your battery. Really a lot. It totally depends on you, you need a live wallpaper or wanna save your battery life.

9. Disable Unnecessary Notifications.

Notification really disturbs a lot. Mostly that notification that we don't need to know. You can directly disable them. For example, those apps where you want to receive notifications keep notifications on there.

Whereas those applications where you don't want to receive notifications, you need to disable them. If you don't know, how to finally notifications of Android apps?

Go to settings. Find application > Manage application. Now choose those apps whom you don't want to see to show notifications and directly disable them.

10. Remove unwanted apps.


Overall No one is that who uses all apps of his Android smartphones daily. Almost everyone has many unneeded apps in your android that drains a lot of battery.

You must have uninstalled such apps. Keep those apps that are necessary for you. Your mobile data or storage is not going anywhere. Keep these apps that you don't use daily in your storage and uninstall them. Whenever you need to use them, reinstall them.

Directly you can stop those apps that consume battery when you need them.

Pro Tips: Apps That can Save your battery.

These 2 Apps are going to make your battery more durable. They work as an Android Battery saver.
  • Greenify: To Hibernate background running apps.
  • PixOff: Optimised the screen pixels for better battery backup.

1. Greenify: Battery Optimizer.

Mostly time, there are a lot of application continuous run in your background. These apps continue to consume your ram also when you don't need them. Fixing such an issue first will be long belief for you battery.

I will suggest you one of the best battery optimization Android app that will hibernate these Unnecessary apps to run in the background which is greenify. You can easily get it in your android play store. You need to download it first.

Second, after Downloading, run this app. You will be asked for if your Android is rooted or unrooted. Don't need to worry about it works for both. After that, you can directly check which Unnecessary application is running in the background and engaging your ram.

You will get an option to hibernate these apps when you don't need it. Using this app you can directly disable those apps that are engaged with your RAM.

Here a video by 'Get Droid Tips' about how to use Greenify.

2. PixOff: Control your Android pixels.

There is another great app Available in your play store that is heavily weighted in optimizing your battery. Had you tried it?

Supp! I'm talking about PixOff battery saver. Using this application you can directly controls the pixels of your Android screen accordingly your willing 50%, 75%, etc.

Here a video by 'Matt Robb' about How to use PixOff?

These were free tips that you must apply if you want to save/Increase your battery at an extreme level.

Need any Help?, Put a comment below. I will be there to reply as soon as possible. Blessings ♥️💕

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