5 Amazing Websites To Download Subtitles For Your Movies (2019 Edition)


A movie is nothing without a Subtitle. It happens most that we don't get mostly dialogue clearly only because we didn't get whatever said in the movie. It is the only reason why subtitles are added to movies.

A Subtitle in movies makes it easy to properly get the dialogues and can enjoy the movies. Whether you are a movie provides who upload movies or a person who enjoy movies, both of you need a Subtitles to be added in your movies.

So, In this article, we are going to talk about the 5 Best and popular subtitle sites where you can download subtitles of any movies at free and easy steps. So let's move on.

1. Subscene


Subscene is one of the popular sites where you can easily download subtitles of any movie in any of the languages.

Just click on the search bar and find any movie whose subtitles you want to download, by putting names.

For example, I have searched for Game of Thrones. You can see, I got a lot of results here. There is each season of game of thrones available with the number of subtitles that are given below each part.

Now, I had open the first part which has more than 1000 subtitles. See here hundreds of subtitles to download in each language. Not only This, there are a lot of formats in which you can easily choose which format you need in your language.

Is it not an amazing site?

2. Yify subtitles


Yify Subtitles is another exciting site where you can get subtitles of any movie quickly.

Nothing complicated you need to do. Just go to yifysubtitles. You will also see a search bar at the top. Just put the name of the movie of which you need to download subtitles and search for it.

Now scroll down at the next screen. There you can easily find all the subtitles of that movie in the available language.

Since there will not be a lot of subtitles in each language like subscene, you can find the limited languages only to download. But maybe the language in which you need to download the subtitles will be there. So make sure to check this site once.

3. Open Subtitles


Open Subtitles that are also counted in one of the best Subtitles downloading sites. You can also download your Subtitles willingly here.

Since this website doesn't have a user-friendly look but it doesn't matter. If you need Subtitles, you can easily get it here.

At the top-center of the site you can see an option for "English Subtitles" you can click there of you want to filter it in English.

Now the same process here. Search the movies of which you want to download subtitles and download them. Not only this, scroll down on the homepage. Here you can see "New Subtitles", "featured subtitles", " most downloaded" etc. According you can filter the page.

Similarly like subscene, you can download the Subtitles of TV shows or web series.

4. TV Subs


Tv Subs, the site is mainly known for download subtitles of TV Shows. You can download any TV shows like Game of Thrones easily.

At the right corner of the site, you can see there most downloaded Subtitles. If you need Subtitles of a particular TV show you can directly put it on the search bar that is available at the top corner of the sites.

Once you have selected a show to download subtitles of that particular show, click on that. There you can easily download the Subtitle by clicking on the below button "Download Subtitles".

Is that not a quick way. Let's move forward.

5. Movie Subtitles


Movie Subtitles, another site that will provide you Subtitles of any movie like the above sites. Once you visit this site, you can check, there are three boxed at the below of the Site of different categories.

Here you can check the "latest Subtitles", "Most downloaded Subtitles" and "least movies". You can choose your movie and can go to download it directly. Even if the movie you need is not there, you can get it by the search bar.

After choosing your movie you can click on the movie to download the Subtitle. Here you can also check out the ratings of any particular movie. Thereafter, you can set up your decision to download any Subtitles.

Pro Trick: To download Subtitles of any Movies.

Most times you don't get the Subtitles of those movies that you want to get. Even the above-shown website also fails here. It may be because the movie would be new and the site is not updated with that movie.

Now you don't need to worry about it anymore. There is a trick to download subtitles of any movie on any Website.

Step 1. Firstly of all, you need to go to watch that video of which you need the Subtitle.

Step 2. Make sure that you are watching the video online. Now Right-click on the site other than any link and click on the inspect element. See the below image as an example.

Step 3. Now you need to click on the networks in the top-right corner.

Step 4. Put "srt" in the filter box and search for it.

Step 5. Now you see a file there as search results. You have to open that file in a new tab.

Wow! That amazing. Now you can see subtitles of that video on your screen.

Make sure to save this file in your PC and enjoy to add these Subtitles in your videos.

Here this video defines the step by step process:

I hope you could get your site to download your Subtitles. Please put a comment below and tell me which of the above site was helpful for you.

Your comment makes my day and feels me proud of my work so that next time I'll back with more exciting Articles.

Love and blessings 💕