5 Popular Bluestacks Alternatives That You will Love (2019 Updated)


Here we going to talk about Top 5 Best reviewed BlueStacks alternatives. But maybe mostly of you did not know about BlueStacks so let's highlight it First before going towards main concern.

BlueStacks, What is it?


BlueStacks is one of the popular Android emulators. Whenever you are searching for a better Android Emulators for your own pc and searches on youtube or google, you have suggested it much.

Reasons, Why I never Recommends BlueStacks?

But most times, you don't satisfy with BlueStacks and searches for the best alternatives.  Even, when I was searching for the best Android emulator, I got BlueStacks with a good review.

But when I tried, it wasn't nothing like its review. I had used two versions of BlueStacks one was BlueStacks itself and another was "BlueStacks Native Version". Really, guys, both were waste.

The worst issue that I had faced was "It's Hanging". Whenever you open it or tries to run and install any application it hangs a lot.

But, now there are much better Android emulators available than BlueStacks. So, you don't need to worry about it anymore. In this article, I will show you the top 5 best BlueStacks alternatives that I researched and found better than BlueStacks.

So let's begin it.

Here, I will talk about:

  • Nox App Player.
  • Remix OS Player.
  • Andy.
  • Memu Emulator.
  • Ko-player.

1. Nox App Player


Nox App Player, if you are searching for an Android Emulators with same similarities or that look like an Android then, Nox is what you need only. It's doesn't make you feel as you are out of your Android phone. That I love with it.

Ones of the greatest thing in Nox that I like is that If you want your Nox Android emulator rooted, you can do it within a second. Definitely, you listened correctly. It proves you a feature that with your emulator within a second.

Another best features that I like in Nox app player is its multiscreen features. You can open many windows of Nox at the same time on the same PC.

That means as well as can play multiple games and can run multiple applications at a time. It is supported on Windows 10 as well as and runs smoothly. It has a lot of exciting features that make it totally different from other emulators.

You can understand why is it on number 1. Here a video that better defines it's features.

As I recommend your primary choice should be this one first.

2. Remix OS Player


Remix OS Player has a special reach in the Android emulator. It is developed by jide technology. In earlier times, it was one of the great problems of the Android Emulators users that they couldn't run the marshmallow version in Pc.

But now, Remix OS Player has solved this issue. There is a new update of remix OS is available now in which you can run the Android marshmallow version in Windows Pc as well.

Here a Video will introduce Remix OS Player.

Not only this but also there are a lot of shocking features of the Remix OS player that you ever wished to have in Android Emulators.

3. Andy


Andy, if you had used BlueStacks earlier with a thought that it is only the best Android Emulators then dude you are totally wrong.

There are some other emulators too that can beat BlueStacks. Andy is one of them. No matters whatever Emulator you are using in your PC to run Android games, it seems to be a little disgusting and complicated than using the same application in Android. It's doesn't make them feel like Android.

But now andy has made it much better. Using Andy, whether you are playing an Android have or using any other app in Pc, you will feel like a Tablet-Gaming experience. Tell me what more an Android emulator user want?

Reasons behind why I'm saying it better then BlueStacks, this video defines.

Make sure to Use Andy. Let's check another one.

4. Memu Emulator


Memu emulator is a well known Bluestacks Alternative popular for game playing. If you are a game Lover mainly a PUBG lover and want to run PubG on PC, then this application is that you will love it. There is no other Android Emulator where you will get better performance for playing PUBG on PC.

If you had played PUBG or any other heavy game in BlueStacks earlier, you would have got may limitations or any other issues there. But In memo emulator, you get all those features that are necessary for every Gaming experience. In memu, you can easily set up your settings like RAM, CPU, etc.

Normally, whenever you install any games on Android Emulators, you have to set up all your keyboards and performance settings on your own. But in Memo, you get an automatic setting of it for each particular game.

If you are a game Lover, must try this one.

5. Ko-player


Ko-player is another popular Android emulator that is well known for normal gaming play. Here, I'll not define you anything wrong. Even I had tried ko players that make me love on it.

If you are not going to install or use any heavy games or applications, this one will be a great choice. Ko-players runs smoothly on normal gaming experience. It doesn't need any extra settings or configurations like other emulators.

You can choose your own keyword settings for any particular apps and exciting games for better gaming control. According to my review, I will recommend you ko-player except going with BlueStacks. I had tried out both of these applications and I got Ko-player a better emulator then BlueStacks.

Overall conclusion: Which is the best Bluestacks Alternatives?

It totally depends upon the kind of features that you need. Here, All the above emulators that I had shown are arranged according to there cool features. The best one is in numbers 1, second-best is at number 2 and so on. So that you don't need to confuse about it.

But from another point of view, If you are a big game lover and searching for an emulator to run heavy games like PUBG, FREE FIRE, CALL OF DUTY, etc. Smoothly then Definitely you should go with Nox App Player.

On the other hand, if you need normal performance features, or need to normal game of low storages in your pc, then you can choose Ko-player. That is really cool and better to use an Android Emulator on normal causes.

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Love and blessings💕

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