How To Turn Off / Disable Facebook Automatic Sign-In (Easy Steps) ?


Facebook is the most conventional social media that is used by most of the people's in all overworks. Maybe you are also using that. Overall In this article, we are going to talk about How to turn off facebook of Automatically sign-in.

If you are a new Facebook user and don't know about these options and how to disallow it?, Continue reading, this article will be helpful to you.

Automatically sign-in feature of Facebook:
Facebook offers this feature to its user so that it will be easy to log in again without putting out the email password again and again.

It saves your important time too. Everyone wants to get their with Done in an easy way that why this feature is liked by most of the Facebook users.

But most of you don't want this happens with your id. It may be because of any reason like your mobile phone is not personal, or somebody else also uses your phone, etc. 

Nobody want to allow others to check his social media Accounts and Data. It is easy to disallow Facebook to save your login information.

How to disable/Turn Off this Automatically sign-in?

If you don't want this with your Facebook account you can easily disable or disallow Facebook not to save your logging information. Just follow the below steps to do it quickly and Easy.

At starting if you got any option to save your login information, click on "Not Now" as in the below image.


Step 1. Login with your Facebook account.

Step 2. Now go for log out by clicking on three dots in the right corner. (Check below image at step 4)

Step 3. By tapping on the logout button, you will get an option two options one will be to "Save your login information" and another will be "Not to save your login information.

Step 4. Choose "Don't save my login information to disable Facebook not to do automatic sign-in".

All the steps are shown in the below image.


Final Conclusion

As a security point of view, if you aren't using your friend's and somebody else's computer, definitely you will never let your social account is checked or used by others.

That why it is important to logout and remove your saved passwords or login information of your account properly so that others couldn't get your personal data.

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