How Get Google Adsense approval in Blogspot/Blogger blog (Pro Tips)

Are you using a Blogger or Blogspot domain but fail to get your Blogspot Domain approved with Google Adsense? Don't worry this article is going to help you a lot. Today I will show you those tricks that helped me to get my Blogspot domain approved when I was a beginner.

So, you have decided to start your Blogging on the Blogger platform. That's cool. Blogger is mostly recommended for beginners until you don't get the blogging basic. 

Blogger is a Google site that fascinates to create a free blog in a quick way. It also proves you a free domain that is at which you can work in the beginning. 

The only problem with a blogger that almost everyone faces a day, even I had got the same that is, It doesn't let your blog to get AdSense approval quickly. That's true. As compared to a purchased custom domain, It takes more time to get your blog approved.

I am shocked to listen that I have seen many of you whose blog is more than a year and thereafter It is without approval. Most of them are struggling until now.

This is article is only for those who need the AdSense approval in a Blogspot subdomain.
So waiting a bit more let me show you those key points that will definitely be effective for your blog.

Note: In this article, I have explained some pro tips to get approval in a blogger domain. To before reading this, check out these necessary recommendations for AdSense.

These Pro Tips will brought you Adsense in Your Blogspot Blog.

  • Make sure that blog is ready for Adsense.
  • Blog Design is Important.
  • Take Help from Fb Bloggers.
  • Google Loves Unique.
  • Maintain your Visitors.
  • Keep Quality Contents.

1. Confirm, if your blog is ready for Adsense


What do you think you had just started your blog and you will get your blog approved?

Google doesn't have limited publisher. It has millions of blogs or publishers. Your blog will not be approved if it doesn't meet its requirements. Similarly, you need time to work with those factors that will fill its requirements.

First of all, let me tell you why people's prefer to choose a custom domain except going with the Blogspot?

It is only because that custom has more specialties than a free one. Similarly, a custom domain will approve your blog quick then a Blogspot domain.

If you have a custom domain, you can get it within a month. Even I am connected with those peoples who approved their blogs under 2-3 weeks through a custom domain.

In another point, If we talk about a blogger domain. It is mentioned in AdSense terms and condition that a Blogspot domain is ready for approval after 6 months of time. But you can get it within 2-3 months.

Make sure your blog needs to be at least 2 months old. Thereafter you can send your first request for approval.

2. Looks matters a lot.


In your daily life, What kinds of people to like?
A person who is fresh and looking smart or another one who never baths and smells dirty.

The similar is Google. A look or a design show the reputation of your blog. A good looking blog attracts users most when the worst look of your blog only increases your bounce rate.

Now, the question arises that how can you improve your blog with an attractive look?
That simple, you need to use an SEO Friendly and popular looking blog theme, choosing a better and fast loading font and use of a breaded logo, etc.

Listen carefully, I'm talking about a better look. It doesn't mean that you will do a lot of customization in your blog and will try to use waste kinds of popups for your blog.

Here the look actually means to a neat and clean blog. A blog is said to be premium looking. If these are limit numbers of customizations are done in a way that a reader loves most.

3. Facebook groups/ bloggers will help you


Maybe you are already connected with Facebook blogging groups. If not? Then Join them Now.

There are several numbers of Facebook groups, you can easily find on facebook.

There are great advantages to join with those groups. Since those are Blogging groups, there will be a lot of Bloggers who will have the ability to solve all your issues related to blogging. But currently, we are considering about AdSense approval.

But, how they can help you with your Adsense approval?
As I already had told that there are experienced and beginners in blogger. Definitely, they can do that.

All you need to do that, for example, you sent a request for AdSense approval for your blog and your request is rejected. Now you would also get the reason that why did your request get disapproved. Notice that reason.

Now, go to Post on those groups that you joined before. Mention Your problems there that why your request is rejected. Repeat the same process in 2-3-4 blogging groups.

Here you will get a lot of expert advice that how can you fix that. Don't fear that no one will reply to your question. A blogger never hesitates to help other Beginners. You will definitely get a proper solution for your issues.

4. Google Needs Unique Works

The most important factor that matters in AdSense approval is the Uniqueness of your blog content. Google never approves Those blogs that do a copy-paste job.

Try to make your blog totally unique. Here unique means the unique content and unique images.

If you can't writing even an article for your blog but your self, How will you be able to succeed your blog weather article writing is a must. It is the only reason to Find a  niche in which you have knowledge about what you can write in it.

Here are free tools where you can check uniqueness of your contents:

On the other hand, a self-created image is must, except stealing other works. Mostly newbie repeats the same mistake. They directly search the images in google and paste them from other sites to their own. That's totally wrong. Maybe these common mistakes we're making you blog away from AdSense.

Here are Few popular sites Where you can get free stock images for your blog:

Here are two popular tools which you can use to create your own Images. - Canva, Fotojet

Keep your visitors Balanced


You must have to spend 80% of your Blogging time sharing your articles. There should be 20-25 daily new visitors in your blog as according to Google analytics.

Mainly find your targeted audience and never stop sharing your contents.

Why you are writing a blog with articles if your articles are not reaching to the targeting people's. At starting you will not get any other rank that true. So, you need to share it yourself. There are a lot of platforms where you can share your content.

Some of them I had mentioned here:

Note: Try to share after shortening your URL with otherwise Facebook will block your Url. Similarly, Don't try to do spam.

Quality of your content matter


You must know about how to write a quality blog post. A blog post doesn't mean that you will write anything without proper procedure. There are are some options optimization that you need to do.

Here, I had explained the step process How to write a perfect blog article?

In a point of view, your article should be SEO Optimised. Here are free tips for an SEO Optimised Blog post:

  • Proper keyword research is must before start writing any blog post,
  • There should be Optimised meta descriptions for all your blog posts,
  • Articles should be written in s user-friendly manner that engage your readers and minimizes bounce rate,
  • Using proper heading and subheadings,
  • Putting Alt text in all your Images,
  • Keyword density should be balanced,

Here I have explained 11 best techniques of on-page SEO that will improve your blog post.

A pro tip - Read Carefully


So, at starting every blogger want his blog approved with Google AdSense. The same I also wanted earlier. Think a second, you got the AdSense in your blog. Now, what will be next?
Do you think that you will start earning with AdSense without any traffic?

Definitely never. Try to listen to me what I'm saying?. Your primary concern should be in your traffic. You can't start earning with a blog until you have visitors in your blog. When you will have sufficient users you can instantly put an AdSense approval request.

And definitely you will get it within 24 hours and then you don't need to struggle with traffic and earning because you will be getting traffic already to your site.

In case if you need any Google AdSense related help, you can always drop your issues Here, Adsense Help - Google SupportAn AdSense expert will reply to you within 24 hours, How you can fix your problem?

I here ensure that the whole article is written by me on my own experience that how I got AdSense approval my Blogspot domain in Blogger. I don't think you need any more tip. There is nothing more than I had mentioned in this article.

If you need any help or you have any doubt related to Adsense, put a comment below. I am every free to help my readers ♥️.

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