How to Start Blogging That Makes 1000$ Per Month(2019 Reviewed)

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As you already have read the title that what we are going to talk about today?

Definitely, I'm talking about that latest and trending topic that is unknown to you, whether you are using social media or mostly at youtube or maybe by any surrounding news. The topic is "Blogging".

Yes, Blogging. You might hear about it already. If you have recently listened about it and wants to start your own blog, then this article is only for you. 

I am going to clear all of your doubts regarding blogging that will let you know, why you should choose to blog?

Most of you don't know what Blogging Actually mean?. If you have chosen Blogging only for earning purpose, then it may be the platform is not suitable for you.

Let's finish all of your doubts or questions belonging to blogging. You may have tried or worked on different online Earning platforms like freelancing, youtube, etc., But Blogging is a little different. 

Today, I am going to tell you that Technique that will make you a huge bundle of money only by expression  your inner thoughts. We are going to talk about the most valuable concept in today's date that is 'Blogging'. 

If you have a great thinking ability or more valuable thoughts that you wanna share with others, the Blogging platform welcomes you.

In this article, I'm going to Talk about:

  • What is Blogging?
  • Who is a Blogger?
  • How you can Make Money Through Blogging?
  • Does Blogging has any Scope in Future?
  • Which Platform Is better to Start your first Blog: Blogger or WordPress?
  • How you can write your first Blog?

Blogging: What is it?

Peoples Doing Blogging

Most people's consider blogging as "writing for money". 

Here Mostly people's means those people who choose to write a blog as a thought that they will write anything and get paid millions of dollars.

Such waste thinking never makes you successful, if you are thinking of earning only without any hard work.

Definitely, it is correct that under blogging, we have to write only. But there is not only a writing job in blogging.

The main factor point that matters most is the quality and strongness of the content. Your content can be considered as the qualitative content when your visitors like your content. 

Do you think why search engines like google need blogger? Only for their searchers/ visitors. If your content is not solving the searcher's issues and not clearing their doubts, google will never approve your blog and it will never get any rank. No rank means no earning.

By following examples, you would understand that there is not only writing a job in Blogging. The main key, you must concentrate is the visitors need and satisfaction.

Here the correct definition comes about what is blogging?

As we already understood, The satisfaction of your visitors is required to make your blog successful. Hence, blogging may be defined as writing for visitors or readers satisfaction or help. 

For successful blogging for Bloggers, Earning should be second want and visitors need must be on number one.

In blogging, only you have to express your knowledge to others. Is it not a good way? that you are getting paid for one kind of social help. That's why, many students, Housewife's and job people's, etc. are generating a sufficient income only by working at home online at free of cost.

Who is a blogger?

Let's understand the concept with an example. 

whenever you need any information related to anything on search engines like Google, you saw their many results for your search. After clicking on one of the results to post, you get the necessary information whatever you need. 

Do you think that those posts are written by Google?. The answer is absolute No. All of the posts are written by the blogging, Yes these are the bloggers.

A blogger is that person who does blogging. If you do blogging, you are called a blogger.

How to Start Making Money Through Blogging?

First, To make money blogging, you have to start blogging first. There are many methods of making money through Blogging. These methods are Google AdSense and other ads, many affiliate marketing, etc. 

How much money, do Bloggers Make?
You would be thinking, "a huge bundle of Dollars".

Definitely, you are correct. Many of the bloggers are generating thousands of dollars through AdSense as well as affiliate marketing.

Once you become a successful blogger, you will be counted in the list of "King of Blogging".

Depending upon you, which method of earning you chooses. But before going towards earning you must concentrate on blogging only. 

Your first concentration must be in your blog and content, after that you can think about any earning.

Does Blogging Have any Scope in Future?

A man Thinking about blogging career

New inventions, new technology had totally developed the world as well as technology. It also totally promoted the Digitalisation. 

In today's generation, Every businessman want to see his business online. Everything, From A for Apple to Z for Zebra work is being done digitally today.

Due to the continuous development in digitalization and Internet networks, you may guess how will be the upcoming future?.

Take your own example, whenever you need any information what you do?

That's so simple. You go to Google it and similarly, you will get the bloggers posts only on search engines. Not only you but also everybody does the same nowadays. 

Nobody is going to read the books to search for the information that he needs.

Now you may guess how the bloggers are necessary for the upcoming future?.

Blogger or WordPress: Which is Better to Start?

Blogger Vs WordPress comparison 2019

Mostly bloggers at the beginning get confused about which site they should choose to start blogging?.

Truly WordPress is much better than Blogger. Wordpress having too any features, tools, etc. Whereas there's no Feature is Found in blogger.

But, there is a condition behind using WordPress is that the domain and hosting are must start blogging with WordPress. 

Actually, the domain is important, you must buy but blogger gives you a free domain as www.xyx., later you can change it into your own easily.

You can start blogging in without any domain or hosting. On the other hand, to use WordPress you must have your own domain and Hosting.

Don't tension about, let's finish the doubt. If you are a beginner in blogging, I will recommend you the blogger only. Since I also have used blogger at the beginning.

Reasons: why I'm recommending for beginners?

if you are a beginner to start your blogging. You should go for only for blogging. 

To properly understand blogging, you must try it practically. 

In the beginning, you have to learn many things in blogging that you will learn yourself when you will try practically. 

After the experience, you will be stable for blogging and then you can go towards the expert level. 

To learn Blogging why will you waste your domain and hosting? If you can get the free experience with blogger. Once you become an expert then go for WordPress, go for hosting and domains.

How to Start Writing a blog?

Following key points can properly describe, How to Start your Blogging?
Start writing your first and Perfect blog post.

1. Find a better niche or micro-niche for your Blog.

2. As I recommend Blogger, go to and start your blogging there at free of cost.

3. Blogger gives you free domain like, you can use that at the beginning.

But later when you get to know that you are 1 step up from a beginner and you want to monetize your blog. Use your own custom domain like .com, .in, . Net etc.

4. When your blog is ready for Google AdSense approval, you will get the signup button in earning tab of your blogger. Just send an application for Adsense approval.

(Note: Before going for AdSense, kindly read this: How to get Adsense approval easily for your blog)

Your career will not be automatically set up, you will have to choose a better step for a career on your own.

Why you didn't think about Blogging?. Just go for it. Show your ability, whatever you can do better.

Thanks for reading. I hope you hadn't faced any difficulties. Kindly mention in the comment box, How was the article?


  1. I thought even u doesnot making 1000$ of a month but giving the view for same

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