Easily Hide Your Facebook Friends list From Others (With Images)


Sometimes you don't want to let others check out the people's you follow or the people's in your friend list on Facebook. You want to hide your Facebook friends list from others.

There may be a lot of specific reason why you wanna do it?
Actually For the security propose too, there will not be any problem in hiding your friend's list from the unknown peoples.

Overall, It doesn't matter what is the reason behind to hide your friend list from the others. Everyone has his own personal life. You can take your own decisions freely.

So, without wasting your Important time a bit more, Let's go to the main Concept for what you are reading this article.

Hiding your Facebook friends list from Others

Mainly there Maybe two platforms where you use Facebook service one is Pc and another is your Android. Below I have explained the step to step process (With Images) How you don't let others see your friend's list on Facebook? in both PC and Android.

How to hide your friend list of Facebook in Android

An Android is common to use. Whoever has a PC will definitely also has a smartphone or Android phone. Most of the Facebook users are using Facebook in Android only then a PC. Follow the below step to make your Facebook friends list hidden from others.

(Maybe you were using the Facebook app, Fb Lite, or any other Android browser, but don't worry about the setting and options are same for all of those browsers)

Step 1. Go to Login your account.

Step 2. You will find the 3 dots like the below image. Go there and click on the setting.


Step 3. There you will see several kinds of settings for your Facebook account. You need to find the privacy settings there. Click there.


Step 4. After clicking on privacy, you can clearly see the option there 'Who can see your friend list?'. This is what we need. Click there.


Step 5. Now, we are in the last stage. You can see there will be many options where you can choose who can see your friend list.
  • Public: It means while the public will able to see your friend list.
  • Friends: It means only your friends will able to see your friend list.
  • Friends except: It also means that your friends will see your friend list. But here you can restrict some of them as you willingly.
  • Only me: Only you will able to see your friend list.
  • Specific friends: In this option, you can choose those social friends to whom you will like to allow to see your friend list.

Now. Select any of the above options and now congrats It's done.

How to hide your friend list of Facebook in PC

If you a job man or uses PC mostly time than an Android, maybe you use Facebook in your PC Mostly. Follow the below steps to not to show your Facebook Account friend list to others.

Step 1. Go for login your Facebook account.

Step 2. Click the settings options which will get by clicking on the icon on Right-Top corner like below image.


Step 3. Now, Click on the Privacy in settings, you will directly option "Who can See your Friendlist?". Click There.

Step 4. Here, you will get the same options as the Android where you can choose those to whom to want to Show your friend list.

Now you have successful hide your friend's from others or unknown peoples.

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