Everything about Off-page SEO: Rank Easily by applying these techniques in 2019

What is Off page seo and Techniques

With a change in time, the definition of SEO is totally changed and continuously changing. SEO doesn't refer only to Keywords, backlinks, and contents but also nowadays many other specialized techniques are being used for SEO optimization and site ranking.

In simple language, there are two SEO techniques - On-page Seo and off-page SEO. For ranking in search engines, both techniques are important.

Today, I'm going to share with you those Off-page SEO techniques other than On-Page by which you can rank easily. So, let's begin.

What is the off-page SEO?

Off-page in SEO refers to those techniques which focus to increase your domain authority that depends on links by another website.

The largest factors of off-page SEO are the number and quality of backlinks that point to your backlinks.

Let's understand using a few examples-

  • 1. Write as better and qualitative content so that people want to add your links in their posts themselves, because of qualitative content.

  • 2. Share your posts in social media that will ultimately generate backlinks for your blog.

  • 3. Do guest blogging on those sites that are related to your blog. It also generates links.

  • 4. You can create better infographics since there are more chances of getting backlinks.

How to do Off-page SEO? | Off-page SEO techniques

If you need traffic in your blog then you must know the techniques of off-page in SEO. Let's learn.

1. Social networking sites

This Seo techniques in your site engagement in social media/networks. If you want to make your blog or website popular, be engaged with people in social media. Social media will help your site to get more and more backlinks.

Some social media :

2. Social bookmarking sites

Social bookmarking sites also play an important in promoting your websites. When you bookmark your blog posts to the popular social bookmarking site, it gives you high traffic with backlinks on that particular post/page.

Some social bookmarking sites:

3. Forum submission

Become a member of the search forum which is related to the niche of your blog. Make a better connection with their community. Reply to the people's questions and try to give them a suggestion too. It will better to use "Do-Follow" Forums.

Forum submission sites:

4. Blog directory submission

To build quality backlinks, blog directory submission always a better choice. Choose a better directory and then choose an effective category. Maybe it takes some time in the result but the result will be helpful to your website for a long period.

Some popular directory submission sites:

5. Article submission

You can submit your article to a high PR article submission directory. You can also give your website link there. Another thing that you need to take care of is that your article should be unique and high quality. Otherwise, your article submission will be rejected.
Choose a better category and then give your article a suitable title.

Some article submission sites:
2. http://hubpages.com/
3. http://www.brighthub.com/
4. http://www.magportal.com
5. http://ezinearticles.com

6. Questions and Answers sites.

There is a good method by which you can get high traffic for your website, by joining questions and answers related websites. You can find your content and niche related questions and answer them easily. The best example that everyone knows is quoras.com. Here you will get both backlinks and traffic for your website.

Some popular Question/Answer websites:

7. Media submission

Share your content related images or videos like media in media sharing websites. Since the video sharing sites and image sharing sites are having more PR then you will directly get benefits in your website or blog.

Some video sharing sites are:

Some image sharing website:

8. Infographic Submission

After videos and image sharing, Infographics is the best method to visually present your content. You can also share Infographics related to your website contents in Infographics sharing sites and Get backlinks for your websites.

Some infographic sharing sites are:

9. Document sharing

You should create documents related to your content in Pdf, ppt, txt, doc, etc. Formats and share them at document sharing sites (Your document must be unique) website backlinks and get backlinks for your websites.

Some document sharing websites are:

After reading the whole article you may understand that In off-page SEO, we mainly try to increase our blog rank by getting backlinks from another website. 

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I hope you guys would understand properly Everything about off-page SEO. If there's any doubt in your mind please mention them in the comment below.