SEO Guide: Improve Your SEO and Get Crazy traffic to your Site (2019 Updated)

SEO Full guide with types: How does it Works in 2019

What is SEO and How it works in (2019)| How you can get traffic for your site?
If you a beginner in blogging, you would definitely search for the answer to the same question But For Getting traffic for your website, you need to rank your site.

Now a new question arises, How to get your site ranked in search engine?.

To rank your site, there is only one thing that you need to do, That is SEO.

Everyone wants more and more traffic to their sites. But the competition in digital marketing is increasing from time to time. 

That's why It had become too hard to rank your sites on top pages.
To rank your site, you have to defeat your competitors.

It doesn't mean you can't rank your site. There is a specific method or you can say a technique that will help you with that.

Once you learned SEO perfectly, Its nothing hard to rank your site. Let's learn the SEO Concept.

Seo: What does it Mean?

SEO means 'Search Engine Optimization'. It refers to the process by which we optimize our blog for search engines.

In a simple language, Seo can be defined as the method of getting free organic traffic fo your site.

(Organic Traffic: The traffics or visitors that you get directly from search engines are called organic traffic. )

SEO the most important key to your site. 
Let's learn the Importance of SEO.

Importance of SEO: Why we need it?

SEO is the main key to your site. It has the main role in ranking your site. Once you made your SEO done, your site is ranked easily.

Suppose you created a high-quality content post and published it in your blog. But if you didn't make your SEO done, how your Posts or articles will rank and reach to the needed people?. 

Similarly, if your posts are not reaching your audience then, How will you monetize your site?

For example, If someone searched a keyword in google and your article is related to that keyword. But thereafter, the visitors will not able to find your post only due to lack of SEO. And similarly, you will not get enough traffic for your site.

Understanding SEO and its factors is not a hard task. Once you did it, you can easily rank your site and it's posted.

Now, Let's learn the types of SEO.

Types of SEO

Mainly There are two types of SEO.

1. On-page SEO

It is that type of SEO that refers to focus and optimize your content for perfect SEO optimization.

It includes the following techniques:

  • Keyword Research
  • Choose a perfect title
  • Putting Alt in images
  • Use of Compressed Images etc.

Here I have mentioned all those important Techniques in Easy language.

2. Off-page SEO

It is the second type of SEO. Since we already have discussed On-Page SEO that includes Optimizing your content for SEO.

Similarly, Off-Page is the second step. There is a different case in off-page SEO.

After Optimizing your content for SEO.

What will be your next step?
Definitely, that will be the sharing and promotion of your post or article.

 The Off-page includes the same Techniques to promote your posts. Under which, you get do-follow and No-follow backlinks for your site from another/ referring Sites.

There are also a few simple techniques that you definitely need to follow to rank your post on number one.

Here I mentioned those techniques in easy and simple steps: Off-page SEO with Techniques Explained

Hope You easily understood the concept that What is SEO and How you can get free traffic to your site by Making your SEO done.

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