5 Things You Must Consider During Writing a perfect Blog Post in 2019


5 Things You Must Consider During Writing a perfect Blog 2019

Are you going to start writing a blog? But you don't have any idea about, How to Write a Perfect Blog Post?

Don't tension about, we are here to help you.

Before start writing a blog, you must think about those factors that will be effective for your Blogging in the future.

There are some points you must remember before start writing a blog.

Later on, you may face many difficulties in your future Blogging, if you wouldn't concern on these important factors.

Concern on this important factor before start writing a blog

5 points that you must consider during writing a Perfect Blog Post

Here I have mentioned those factors that will bring you traffic for your site.

1. Write the content of the squeeze

During writing your blog, Keep the main point in Your mind that is, Your content must clear all doubts of your visitors.

In Simple language, You have a particular Niche and you created content on that niche by choosing a topic. your content must have all the answers to those different questions that a user can search on that particular topic.

For examples, If your content is about How to make money online? then Your articles should have all those answers that your users can be easily satisfied with your post.
He doesn't need to go anywhere else.

For example:
  • How to make money online?
  • What is the best way of making money online?
  • Why you should choose **** method of earning?
  • How much you can earn with ***** method of making online?
  • How you can try this method? etc.
If your Content has answers of all of those questions that can satisfy a user.
 Google loves those contents, It is positivity towards SEO.

2. The uniqueness of your article

Some bloggers think it's too easy to write a blog to generate thousands of dollars as an income.

According to them, there is also a simple and easy method for writing contents. Just go to other sites and paste their articles at their own blog.

Similar They think they are super minded. No one can catch them and they can easily post hundreds of articles in the content with this method.

If you are doing the same, just stop to follow such waste thoughts.
What do you think, Google will accept your post?, Never. Google will rank down your article or blog and maybe, your blog is disappeared.

Everyone has his own mind, own skill.

Why you don't write on your own?
Maybe, you would do better than others.

3. On-page SEO optimization post.

Make sure, your post is On-page SEO optimized.

What is On-page SEO optimized post?

It refers to concern on those factors that are important for SEO in on-page SEO. For example, A focused keyword should be placed in the post title, Permalink should be set properly. Etc.

Here I explained, what on-page SEO is? With 11 techniques in easiest language
On-page optimized posts improve your blog reputation and ranking too.

4. User-friendly content.

How your users will get your article interesting?
Absolutely your article must be user-friendly. Here User-friendly means " Use of that language which makes the article easy to read for them.

How can you do this? How you can make your article usee friendly?
Here, I can give you tips for that.

(a). Use of subjects like I, You and We, etc.

These are a few subjects that create an interest for your users.
For example: 

  • We know it,
  • You make it easy,
  • What I had done, etc.

(b). Use exclamatory words.

Search any keyword on google and read the top-ranking articles.
You will find those contents as easily understandable.

How they do it?
You can find, that their contents having the common use of subjects like you, I, etc.

As well as, They uses exclamatory words like Wow, Amazing, Definitely, etc.
For example: 

  • Wow! You did it.
  • It's amazing that you got it easily.

(c). During writing a content, Read your content on your own.

You will get easily that your article is easily understandable or not.
If the article is friendly for you, Definitely you users will easily get it.

Create a kind of interest in your content that your visitors can get Easily.
Never write any of your content without a fresh mood. It will make your user bored to read your articles.

5. Use Your Own Images

Are you using copied images from other websites?
Mostly what you do?

You search the keywords of images that you need on google. And then click on the Image tab then, at least you pic images that seem you good.

Do you know that Google can easily catch you? And Using copied items in your post showing the negativity towards SEO.

How you can create your own Images?
There are many sites that give Stock Images at free of cost like Pixels.com, Unsplash.com, pixabay.com, etc. so you can easily download your images from there.

On the other hand, If you want to create your own images, I suggest canva.com and fotojet.com.
These are trusted online tools that are easy to use and you can create your own images.

I also use these tools that's why I'm suggesting.

Thanks for reading the article. I hope you would understand how you can write a perfect blog post that will rank easily?. Kindly mention in the comment section about your views.

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