Easily Add Thumbnail / Featured Images in your Blog posts (+ Images)


How-to-add-a-thumbnail in-blogger-easily

Are you searching for How to add a thumbnail to your blog post?

Then, This article will be very helpful to you. It's too easy to add a thumbnail to your posts, nothing complicated here.

Check out below post in the image, without a thumbnail. Let's see how to add a specific template in blogger.

A Thumbnail is missing here!!

Steps to add a thumbnail for your blog posts.

Step 1. Go to your Blog > Posts and click on Edit post.


Step 2. Click on the image icon to add a thumbnail image.

Step 3. Click on choose files, then select the image that you wants to choose as a thumbnail.

Step 4. Now select your image dimensions as Small/Large/X-Large/Original. And copy the image URL by right-clicking on the image.

Step 5. After copying the URL, Remove the image.

Step 6. Now click on HTML. And paste the code in the top of HTML.

Step 7. All is done, Now click on update to save the post.

Now see, the thumbnail for the post is ready now.⬇️


Hope the post was easily Understandable. Please mention in the comment section if having any doubt related to this post.
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